This is my new blog. It was going to be about nursing home abuse, which is a subject close to my heart. But I’ve decided that’s too depressing to blog about every day, so instead I’m going to write about my dear Great Grandad’s life.

I’m Mark, I’m 26 and I come from a long-lived family. That is everyone seems to live to a pretty ripe old age. And most of my family have had children while they were still young, so it means we got to meet a few of our great grandparents.

My Great Grandad Jones, as we called him, was a great character. He lived till the ripe old age of 98, so we were sad that he didn’t live till his hundredth. But he had a good life and could sure tell a tale.

This blog will recount some of those tales as I remember them. Bring back to life some of his adventures and some of the important episodes in his life.

I think I’ll refer to him as GG Jones, otherwise it’s going to get a bit long-winded. I think he would have liked that.