GG Jones

My Great Grandad Jones was a kind and gentle man. At least that’s how I knew him for the first 20 years of my life. Of course I only know about his early life through other members of the family, but this is about GG as I knew him and heard his tales.

GG Jones was 98 when he died and until this time he lived in a country cottage, just outside the market town of Horsham, where I was brought up.

He was a proud and independent man right to the end and his garden was always a picture. That was his pride and joy so I’ve chosen it as the background to the blog. At the end he had Jim in to help him keep it tidy, but for many years he looked after it himself.

My Great Grandmother, Sarah-Jane, died about 10 years before GG, so I don’t remember her quite so well. It was a terrible time for the old man and it was obvious that he was lonely sometimes, but he was brave and carried on. Luckily we have a big family and most of them live near Horsham, or at least in West Sussex, so he always had lots of visitors.

We used to take him his favourite sponge cakes, usually made by my mum, and his beloved licorice allsorts. He was an old-fashioned sort of gentleman and was satisfied with the simplest of pleasures.

GG Jones’ first name was Jack, but for some reason, in our family we have always called grandparents by their surnames, so to me he will always be GG Jones.

Jack Jones was one of 7 children – they had big families in those days!  He and Sarah-Jane had 4 of their own, although one sadly died in childhood. But their three surviving children, 2 boys and one girl, produced 8 grandchildren for them. The girl was my grandmother, Sylvia, and she’s still living I’m pleased to say.

Those 8 grandchildren produced 19 great grandchildren!  As I say, we’re a big family, although I don’t really know them all as generations drift apart don’t they?

Anyhow 8 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren mean you’re never really short of visitors and GG Jones loved to see the family.