Meeting Sarah-Jane

Sarah-Jane was the love of GG’s life. They had nearly 70 years together before she died and he remained heartbroken till the end of his own long life.

He often recounted the story of their meeting so I shall retell it as best I can remember.

In the rural communities in the late 1920s they had local country fairs and everyone from all around would have a day out. So it was a lovely place for courting couples and for lads and lassies to meet (GG’s words, not mine lol).

I believe it was in 1929 they first met at a fair near Yeovil. GG must have been about 17 and Sarah-Jane was 16. They were both with groups of friends and I guess in those days that meant that the girls were in a crowd of girls and the boys stayed together too. I think they were good at flirting, not so obvious as we are now!

Anyhow one of Sarah-Jane’s friends knew one of GG’s group so they stopped to talk and before they knew it, the two of them had started a conversation. I think GG must have been a good talker because the girl agreed to leave her friends and stroll around the fair with him.

They were still very young of course, but courtships didn’t seem to last long in those days. They were engaged within 6 months and married within a year after that. It seems so young to me, but I guess we’re in a different world these days.

It was certainly a love match. They had their first baby within the next year, so they were young parents. I think the first child was Charles, then came James, who sadly died when he was only 2. GG didn’t talk about that but I guess he may have had tuberculosis, which was a killer in the 1930s.

GG and Sarah-Jane had another 2 children, Sylvia and Arthur, I’m not sure which one came first. Sylvia is my much-loved grandmother and she’s still going strong.

My Great Grandmother Sarah-Jane was about 87 when she died. I’m not sure what she died from as I was young at the time, but I think it must have been sudden. I just remember the curtains being drawn and everyone going off to her funeral.

GG Jones was sad but he was a strong old man. I think that’s because of his generation. They suffered a terrible war and didn’t have an easy life, but they were happy most of the time.

If you knew my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, I’d love to know more about them. Please contact me