My Great Grandparents’ Garden

As you can see from the picture at the top of the blog, my great grandparents had a beautiful garden and they were very very proud of it.

I loved to visit when I was young and GG made me a swing in a large tree. Unfortunately the tree isn’t there any longer. GG had to get in some qualified tree surgeons to cut it down when it got diseased. I loved watching the tree surgery, as they started at the top and worked their way down to the stump. It was fascinating for a child to see this enormous tree end its days.

But now it makes me sad. I hate to see any trees chopped down and this was a big one. I suppose in hindsight it must have shed a lot of shade on the garden so GG probably didn’t mind losing it.

Around the back of the garden, the part you can’t see in the photo, was the vegetable patch. I loved to help GG hoe the soil and pull out the weeds. It must have been cultivated for many years because the tilth was fine and all the stones had been removed lovingly over a long period.

I helped GG to grow carrots, potatoes and peas. Probably a lot of other things too, but those are the only ones I really remember. In the summer we would pick the peas and I’d help GGma take them out of their shells. We’d sit on the back step together with a big colander and a huge bag of peas. It’s surprising how few peas you get from a massive pile of shells. I must admit a few didn’t make the colander because they were young and sweet-tasting and I loved to pinch a few.

I remember that GG showed me how to double-dig. I’m not sure anyone does that any more but it certainly seemed to help his gardening. He had real green fingers did GG Jones.

When we’d finished our gardening work for the day, GGma would make us a mug of tea and a cheese sandwich. GG and I would sit outside on the garden bench if it was nice, or inside GG’s old shed if it was cold or wet. I didn’t mind either way, I was just pleased to be spending time with the old man.

He told me lots of tales about everything under the sun and delighted me with stories of his earlier life. I’m hoping to pass these on to my children some day, which is why I’m documenting as many as I can remember in my blog.