Nursing Home Abuse

Though there are various signs of elderly abuse in nursing homes, one should be aware that not all result from bodily harm. Acts that are mentally or emotionally scarring can also be considered abuse in nursing homes. For this reason, loved ones should be ever-watchful for signs of elderly abuse, regardless of the nature.

To fulfill an unmet need, nursing homes were created for persons no longer self-reliant. The facilities were originally developed to provide tending aid to an ever-aging population. However, as the number of elderly increases from generation-to-generation, the ratio of elderly to caregivers does too. Some argue this is a root cause for elderly abuse in nursing homes; however, this is not a valid excuse and facilities must be held accountable.

Signs of elderly abuse include noticeable concerns such as bruises and scrapes, particularly if they repeatedly occur. However, things like this can happen, and obtaining an attorney is not always necessary unless more severe signs of elderly abuse are accompanied.

It’s not uncommon in nursing homes for an elderly person to slip and fall on occasion, even at the most reputable nursing homes. Though persistent falls may be signs of elderly abuse and should be documented in the event a lawyer is ever needed.

As well, mental and emotional mistreatment can be another sign of elderly abuse. This often happens from caregivers who have little concern for the well-being of others. They often ignore personal complaints and may use hurtful words towards the elderly they care for at their facility.

Concerns of self-worth can be a major issue for elderly people, since they may often feel like they have less to offer society. Thus, mental and emotional abuse from caregivers can be detrimental to their self-esteem. It’s important to look for the signs of elderly abuse and understand that a nursing homes abuse lawyer can help recover damages for wronged parties.


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